eスポーツに関する書籍『eSports Yearbook 2009』が発売開始

eSports Yearbook 2009
eスポーツに関する書籍『eSports Yearbook 2009』がヨーロッパで発売中となっています。

eSports Yearbook 2009

『eSports Yearbook 2009』はプロゲーマー、プロゲームチーム、eスポーツ大会運営、各国のeスポーツシーンなど様々な内容についての記事が掲載されている120ページの本になっているとのこと。


  • eSports – A New Word by Jean-Christophe Arnaud
  • Why Coaches Would Improve eSports by Frank Fields
  • eSports Jobs by Julia Christophers
  • The End of the ESWC and How to Move On by David Donschen
  • My Slightly Confused Memories of CPL 2004 by David Hiltscher
  • Talk with Muhamed Jamil Eid by Stefan Maass
  • The Impact of eSport on My Life by Damla Pinar Goek
  • The Big Bang Reality by Matthias Beyer
  • DotA: An eSport Dream by Patrick Kasper
  • How a Hobby Became Some Kind of Destiny by Matthias Meyer
  • Gamers as a Safety Hazard by Christian Scholz
  • Probing the Sportiness of eSports by Emma Witkowski
  • eSports in the Working World by Tobias Scholz
  • Fnatic 2009 – A Photo Collage by Simon Bidwell
  • Easy to Learn, Hard to Master by Camille Versteeg
  • The Trials, Tribulations and Perseverance by Gene Angel and Brent Ruiz
  • The Irish Scene – Seeds of Change by Mark O‘Beirne
  • A Year of Belgian eSports by Steve Leunens
  • eSport – My Passion by Christian Exner
  • Federations in eSport by Dario Salice
  • A Russian Desert in the Country by Konstantin Boes
  • Grubby and the Tears of Chengdu by Jonas Gebhardt
  • hoorai‘s Most Valuable Asset by Lari Syrota
  • Stermy’s Life Story by Alessandro Avallone
  • Grubby – My First Tournament by Manuel Schenkhuizen

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eSports Yearbook 2009
eSports Yearbook 2009

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