eスポーツに関する電子書籍『eSports Yearbook 2010』リリース

eSports Yearbook 2010
eスポーツに関する電子書籍『eSports Yearbook 2010』がリリースされました。

eSports Yearbook 2010

『eSports Yearbook 2010』は全 96 ページ構成されており、内容は以下のようになっています。


  • A Decade of eSports: The Asian Perspective by Jasper Mah
  • Passion in eSports – A Flame that Never Goes Out by Duncan Shields
  • A Year in which Business and eSports Games Learned to Co-exist by Mark O’Beirne
  • StarCraft II in Western eSports: Is Television Needed? by Marc Onofrio
  • Art of Daniel Andersson by Daniel Andersson
  • Changing Perspectives – An Owner’s Journey through eSports by Frank Fields
  • Rising to the Challenge by Colin Webster
  • Spectator Experiences at MLG Dallas vs. Korea by Christina Kelly
  • The Lessons eSports Should Learn From The Recession by Marc-Andre Messier
  • The Globe of eSports: Our Cultures, Our Worlds by Jasper Mah
  • The Golden Five and its’ Impact on Polish eSports Scene by Tomasz Nowik
  • A Cinderella Story by Christian Warnholz
  • Me and My Art by Kee Ahnstrom
  • What Can We Learn from Starcraft by Tobias M. Scholz
  • Baneling BBQ by Emil Erlandsson
  • Why Cheating Is A Crime – The ESL Wire Story by Julia Christophers



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