Join us to create and develop our Oversea package of ARTISAN

* Closed. Thank you for a lot of contacts!

To all game players and Cyberathletes.

We are very glad that we get plenty of positive feedbacks from end users.
We gratefully appreciate that. However, our production line is now facing a difficulties to produce certain amount of mouse pad, that is because obsessiveness with details. We are getting a lot of frustration irritably in those days. At last, those production will be ready by June 2009.

In the meantime, we are now making contact with distributors around US and EU. We strongly hope that we could provide those productions to all the athletes around there. We would like you to share and become the member of the athlete having this amazing mouse pad.

Now we respectfully ask you to get some help. The package is requiring some simple description (approx. 400 words) in other languages,German, French, Spanish, Swedish. It will be translated from Japanese or English.

Please anyone who can help us for this translation work, contact us at artisan@gup.co.jp

*We are expecting anyone who have native-level translators or spekers for proper description.
If you know someone please ask for help.
We will give out 2 size of ARTISAN mouse pads and other ARTISAN series productions with our respectful appreciation.

Contact: artisan@gup.co.jp attn.-YASUI e-sports gaming device development dept.

With our best regards.




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  1. Avatar Yossy says:


    ARTISAN 海外パッケージ 翻訳者様募集のお願い


  2. Avatar KayzE says:

    It's such a pleasure we hear planty voices from many gamers. Nothing could give me more pleasure.
    We deeply and respectfully appreciate all of you, specially to " Negitaku.org, Artisan users, and all gamers".

    We now got all supporters for those translations. Thank you very much.

    If you notice something regarding to ARTISAN productions, please feel free to contact us anytime and anything.
    We glad to hear anything from all the cyberathletes in the world.

    Best regards

    e-Sports gaming device development dept.

  3. Avatar technics says:

    i guess i could help out with a few languages

  4. Avatar Taro<3 YUI _Razer** says: